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Charlotte Gainsbourg, Encore……Le Cigale, Paris….

Monday night at Le Cigale in Montmartre…..there was magic on stage, Charlotte Gainsbourg is the real thing…..much is written on what makes women have their Parisian magic here, but I can tell you the otherworldly Charlotte Gainsbourg could have come on stage in Balenciaga shopping bag and still have been amazing and the most stylish woman in the room……..instead she came out all in white in Balenciaga clothing onto a set not unlike one of their stores…..joined by a great band of English and American musicians, most especially by the very talented boy from Wellington, London based, Connan Mockasin……together, they played music that was far more ethereal and beautiful than the recorded versions……she has a quality that is very hard to name, she is without ego, and the respect she showed her musicians was so considered……..when she sang a couple of songs from her 1980′s record, with the same earnestness of that 14 year old girl who sang them the first time, you knew she wasn’t above anything………..her cover of David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes was perfect too……but then came the encore, and she gave more, and then in that very French tradition, the audience wasn’t giving up, they kept clapping and she obliged and gave her first second encore of her tour………and now I am left wanting to visit planet Charlotte Gainsbourg, because it sure isn’t in Europe……

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  1. Deanne wrote:

    oh wow, planet charlotte….

    Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 3:36 am | Permalink

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