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The Modern, The Unlikely, The Futurists………Elsa Schiaparelli & Muiccia Prada at The Met…..New York

This coming week will see the opening of a new show, “Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada: Impossible Conversations”, at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum.…until last year, with it’s now legendary Alexander McQueen show, it seemed the opening party, with it’s incredible guest list of  fashion makers from all over the fashion world and their latest muses creating the most incredible fashion moments of the year, would at times overshadow the actual show……..a shame really since the Costume Institute has consistently created the best curated shows since Richard Martin and Harold Koda took over in the early 1990′s…..for the uninitiated or the obsessed, a walk through any random show could be one of the best fashion educations you could get, my all time favourite was the show dedicated to the Floral Dress………but the latest one will soon be one of it’s best…….it’s been many years since a major Elsa Schiaparelli show has been held and the first one with Prada……..many times a Prada collection will remind me of a Schiaparelli….for they are both modernists of their time, who are disinterested in trends or the the rules of good taste… they have created their own language…..Elsa Schiaparelli created one with her surrealist and Dada artists friends as major influences, having Cocteau and Christian Berard contribute art work to some of her best pieces…… can see her avant garde influences on such varied labels as Bless, Jeremy Scott and Issey Miyake……but it’s Prada’s love of the female form and elegance as well as her very modern take on fashion that makes them a great pair…..they both have loved using highly unusual materials such as monkey fur, celophane, nylon, plastics, wood……but it’s the attention to the execution that makes them strictly high fashion, and it is this that takes to a level beyond novelty and into art…..But all this is best explained in last weeks New Yorker article on the show…..’Radical Chic’ by Judith Thurman…..




Photos: Prada – Resort 2012, Fall 2007, Fall 2000,  BecauseLondon, Victoria & Albert Museum, Kyoto Museum, Schaiparelli by Palmer White

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