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At Home with Julie Verhoeven……….UK Elle Magazine

Last summer in London, I had the pleasure of meeting this remarkable and modest lady, Julie Verhoeven, at a Test Mag film night, where she shared one of her favourites, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant……(the most chilling and devastating film ever)…..she rates as one of my top 5 all time favourite English eccentrics and is my vision of the modern day Vanessa Bell….and this was confirmed by the new issue of UK Elle…..upon seeing this beyond incredible peek at her beyond incredible home….which proves the Vreeland adage that style is something lived not just worn….I first saw her work in 2002 in The Face magazine, and was bowled over by her talent, imagination and her really……and I am not alone there, even at the film night there were a few Julie clones from different years, quite amazing too and all together unexpected!  But there is something about her and her talent that makes you want to work a little better and give yourself over to what you love a little more…..I never stop getting excited every time she releases new work in every medium, film being one her best yet,  I am still to see an installation, but to see what comes out of this imagination, is the art happening of the year……..for she is a true original in every way…..



Courtesy of UK ELLE Magazine, May 2012

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