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Seeing the World Through Charlotte Rampling’s Eyes……..

Ohhh I must be missing Melbourne right now…’s hard not to, with my family and dear friends over there, enjoying their take away skinny lattes, new deliveries of Lover’s winter Lydia collection and fish & chips…………my friends over there, keep inspiring me over here…..but they always have……another dear friend Deanne and I were discussing personal style over emails….she is a natural at this, her style defies trends, to me this is the ultimate personal style…..because it means complete freedom to wear what ever you choose……and always look incredible! It’s been quite a revelation what style is in Paris, it sure isn’t Audrey Hepburn of the sixties or even Jerry Hall in the seventies, but it is distinctly far more modern than other cities I have visited, with an eye for detail in unexpected ways…….a culture is so centered on the appreciation of the daily rituals in food, wine and the arts, that are as much part of Paris as the Eiffel and Seine, it seems there is no place for fuss and frou………which brings me to one of their more famous residents, Charlotte Rampling, for an English woman she is very Parisian…..right down to the hair cut…but in this new documentary, it reveals quite a compelling story of what is going on behind that austere gaze……a woman who hasn’t encountered a taboo she wouldn’t break, shows there is a greater complexity than simply being a beautiful actress…….








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