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Damir Doma’s Modern Ages…. Fall.2012

Yesterday I was fortunate to meet the lovely and handsome Damir Doma……and today I was fortunate to see the Damir Doma show, held at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, in such a grand venue, something only amazing was about to be shown, and it was just as you would expect……….a throng of burly photographers, amazingly outfitted fashion students, the best dressed Japanese buyers anywhere, a few famous faces and those all important editors…..the collection was beautiful, and unlike anything I have ever seen before, it had the visible luxury of a seventies Yves Saint Laurent collection……where the suede and leather couldn’t look suppler but it was a new vision of modernism Damir Doma introduced, his heroines reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance era, were brave and romantic… first I only had expected toughness, but as the collection went on, the colours became softer and more feminine… in the end she was a romantic beauty…………these pieces are what modern dressing is all about, for when it came down to the details, the ease and drape in the back of the jackets, the silk pants, flat shoes, the over sized whip stitch detail featured on suede pants, skirts and jackets, and let me say I love a long full skirt………later in the day as I made my way through Sentier, the garment quartier, it struck me what an incredible feat Damir Doma had achieved, for his imagination has no bounds, and for a young man, he had the foresight to design a collection that spoke of a self assured modern woman…with a romantic spirit………………


Photos:, Damir Doma, Blurry ones, AC

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  1. Catherine wrote:

    Just beautiful! (the ‘blurry ones’ too)! Thank you for sharing x

    Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 3:19 am | Permalink

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