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Marilyn Forever……..

I recently saw the beautiful new Michelle Williams film “My Week with Marilyn”…..and whilst even she can’t quite replace Marilyn….no one can for that matter…

It made me want to go back and watch some of Marilyn’s old films….they are pretty incredible, for she had not just a beautiful presence and face, but a natural charm, that makes her entirely believable in her roles……it’s these people who seem light as air that seem to go first…..but Marilyn was the mould most try and follow and of course fall abysmally flat……that was Michelle Williams magic, she took that lightness and made it her Marilyn, for she was no vamp…..Also below is one of my all time favourite shoots of hers by George Barris, done only a few weeks before her death, wearing that very famous cardigan….. she was simply radiant and modern…..

Photos: George Barris

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