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Stella’s Hour…..

With 5 months of anticipation leading up to her not so straight forward presentation at London Fashion Week this season for the first time since she went to Chloé in 1998…..she delivered on her promise and brought something entirely new to the season, excitement!

Dresses come and go out of season, but a performance on the level she presented, only happens in the movies…….here is to an amazing new season… Stella’s company keeps growing, she has created what seems to be the impossible…a company with an identity that has evolved over the last 10 years that has truly come to represent Stella, with clothes women love to wear, a personal life with 4 kids in tow and a continued commitment to the ethical treatment of animals….the New York Times magazine, What Drives Stella article by Cathy Horyn explores this further, it was an evolution that didn’t seem clear with her debut collection, but anyone who has loved Stella’s work, knew it was just a matter of time….

NYT Photo: Damon Winter

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