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Grandma Abson Knows Best……..


One of my best discoveries in London was most definitely the food culture….sure, it’s best spots are run by Australian’s or New Zealander’s but what I was after was authentic Englishness and I got it with Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking……..from the heart of Yorkshire comes secret family recipes…..what more could you ask for when living in Paris….giving that pastry a rest, I can now dedicate my holiday to making the perfect Christmas Cake or how about Dream Cake? Mince Pies….oooh! There is every kind of pudding and step by step instructions on how to make the perfect Apple Pie…..Sorry Bill Granger, Grandma has it over you this time….but so much more….now my Dad is an avid jam maker but Grandma Abson has now given me all the Jams and Jellies I could hope for….Chutney’s too……..there’s Yorkshire Parkin, Melting Moment’s, Jumbles, Pineapple Fudge and Curled Gingerbread…….she was a visionaire….why, this Julia Child of English delights was dedicated, there is a beautiful introduction written by Meryl White, where Grandma Abson’s amazing life in Northern England is told……she was also a fashion plate, her outfits are very Prada and Miu Miu, but you expect that……..her personal cooking bible with 80 years worth of recipes is a testament to this wonderful cook, everything has been tried and tested! And there are so many good pointers, you will find yourself improving in all areas of your cooking and life too….but the moment I read her Remedies pages, she became a permanent member of my family, she has her own Cough Mixture, Rhubarb Tonic and Invalid Custard, now I can be the perfect baker and nurse too! Thank you Grandma Abson!

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