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Editorial Dreaming……

      Ahhh! It sure has been too long a stretch between posts I am sad to see! But I’m afraid time has been very scarce in the last few months…….thank you for checking in and being so patient……..hopefully it will be worth the wait!   As my former collegue Jac at Scanlan & Theodore would say, let’s regroup shall we? In the time since knowing I was going to move with my beloved Tim to Paris, with a 2 month stop in London, it became a packing marathon…..of the scanning variety….As my friends know already, a trail of books and magazines follow me where ever I go, but this time they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase….so home they stayed, which meant, scanning thousands of images…….I can not help it….my work and love is fashion, and these books and magazines are a constant reminder of all things beautiful, amazing and unforgetable!   Of course some will come to Paris eventually…….At times when I would explain to worried friends what I was doing at all hours, they thought I was mad….Not the moving across the world part but the Scanning!…..I think they had no idea how massive the load was…..well to be fair, I would never admit to it…….but here is part of my library to give you an idea…..and I am certain there will be return scanning trips to finish those last boxes…….but rest assured I will be sharing some of that scanning magic with you!


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