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The Original Lula Girl….Jane Asher….

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner with my friends from Shag….in a lost moment whilst studying their bookshelves I came across a few issues of Vogue from the sixties…..immediately I had to go through them, page by page….could there be anything better? And then I came to a stop when I saw the David Bailey photographs of this magical actress Jane Asher….she was the sweet as pie sixties heroine, girlfriend of Paul MacCartney, she played the forsaken forgotten girlfriend in the original Alfie film….she also struck me as the original Lula girl too….with the perfect fringe and Liberty print dresses, she would have fitted right in…also spotted in the April issue of Vogue Nippon, Lula founder and editor, Leith Clark, with her summer marine inspired style selection…..a perfect pairing for today….

Photos; David Bailey, UK Vogue, July 1964, Vogue Nippon, April 2011

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