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Melbourne Fashion Movie Magic……

The Melbourne Spring Festival just begun, and the pressure is on….will the streets of Melbourne live up to such an event? I think yes….only last night I saw the most delightful couple on a date….she was a young Brooke Shields, long brown hair tied low, wearing a blouse tucked into a long full skirt, with a thin tan leather belt and he in skinny black jeans, checked shirt and blazer…..they made my evening, as I raced home through the city….it is times like that I wish I took street pictures again….but how to capture the essence of what is simply magic in the air and young love? impossible! But the long skirt renewed my faith that this will be a slow burner look to take off….soon enough on a hot day, they will be on all the local beauties….this take on femininity is just what we need……but if you are needing more inspiration, outside of all the shows on, take a seat at ACMI, for they are hosting my favorite part of the festival….the Fashion Icons on Film, and it is quite amazing this year, highlights being the Beyond Biba documentary…..and Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston……

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