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Here Come the Nineties….Hello London!

So much for 2010…..almost everyday, something, somewhere reminds of the nineties….but I am sorry to say, it is mostly the NQR nineties… the continual packing I seem to be doing, I came across this British Vogue… seemed to capture all that was cool about that time, yes, Kate Moss, but also the new proportions that were so new and so amazing to wear……ankle length skirts, Anna Sui dresses, mohair fitted sweaters, thin eyebrows, Corrine Day….little pinafore dresses…and those baby tees that were an absolute must have…..seeing this story was so inspiring again….it made me feel a new moment in fashion, the way some feel about the first time they heard the Sex Pistols….radical times…..but it was London’s young bright things, that set the tone, on the street, on the catwalk, and in the magazines….those brilliant stylists that refined and reinvented the times… all time favorite being, Cathy Kasterine…..and Lucinda Chambers of  course!

And if that didn’t say it all…..look who started it all…Kate and Mario…..pure perfection…..

Photos: Corrine Day, British Vogue, March 1993


  1. michelle wrote:

    The images seem a little undirectional now but at the time it was so fresh and exciting. I was a junior working my heart out in London (three jobs and a shared house)amongst these stylists. After the 80′s hangover there was a new era of styling coming through – away from high glamour to real life. These stylists were our heroes – truly cool – humble and talented. They were not out to be famous, they were there for the fashion just like we were. Thanks for putting this up – it brings back lovely memories.

    Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 10:53 am | Permalink
  2. Ana-Cecilia wrote:

    Ohh that sounds so incredible! London would have been at it’s most amazing…..Galliano still making things himself and people creating for creation sake, and not just because they were about to become a mega brand themselves…..I can only imagine! Yes, I remember seeing Emma, Rosemary, Cecilia and Kate, they were so incredibly beautiful, they were the opposite to all the supermodels and it is nice to see that even now, they still hold their own, still get shot in Vogue like any other nineteen year old model……but it really was were those stylists that made that magic….I will find some more magic for you!xx

    Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

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