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These are the Days……are made of magic….

What a week for wonderful art inspiration! The second solo show for the incredibly lovely and talented Leah Bartholomew……opens this Thursday evening at Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy……her previous debut show, Where the Dry Leaves Fall, was one of the most beautiful gallery visits I have had in a long time…..I felt very lucky to have the gallery almost to myself, as I walked through this special world she created, not only were her illustrations evocative of a childhood spent on a farm in the seventies…..but her wood sculptures were amazing too….if only I could show you……Leah’s world is a pretty beautiful one, working for the other lovely illustrator Beci Orpin, she is in fine company to dream those dreams…….the new exhibition is said to be inspired by the tale of Coming of Age…..and her pictures do capture this with much sensitivity, her works are presented in the form of prints, collages, and paper sculptures……..if you were to close your eyes and remember how it felt growing up, you will see that very feeling in her work, I am transported to many different moments in time by her pictures, the kids in the pictures may look a little different to my old childhood friends but to me they are a little photograph…reminding me how important they were……….she is a special artist, maybe this time I will be lucky enough to take something home….but whether you do or don’t, her work stays in your heart for a long time after…….

‘These are the Days’ Leah Bartholomew,  17th June – 27th June 2010,  Gorker Gallery, 395 Gore Street, Fitzroy

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  1. Monika wrote:

    Beautiful illustration indeed. Where about in Fitzroy is Gorker Gallery?

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

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