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Heaven on Earth…..Joshua Yeldman

A couple of days ago, I had been in a meeting with my director, as I was about to leave I spotted a card by this amazing artist, Joshua Yeldman….I saw just a small portion of his artwork, but instinctively knew it was something incredible……his work is so utterly beautiful, intricate and mystical…….and the joy of discovering a new artist and bringing this beauty into my world was completely overwhelming. He is not only a talented artist but he has directed and produced his own films too, including a student film that won an Oscar……what genius has lead him to make this art is very intriguing…..He currently has a show on, River Music, I can’t wait to see these images up close and be spellbound…..

Joshua Yeldman, River Music, 9th June – 3rd July 2010

Scott Livesey Galleries, 909A High Street, Armadale

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