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Isabel Marant tells it like it is….

How did I miss this article in the UK Vogue, back in January? Seems impossible! But there you have it, when your magazine habit is as big as mine, you will even miss great articles by amazing people…..and this one is great…..Isabel Marant, she is a fashion paradox, which is one of the many reasons I love her, so incredibly modest and down to earth, yet is as influential at Phoebe Philo at Celine…..she has reinvented what it is to wear jersey in this decade, her effortlessly beautiful clothing has no equal….to me, she represents modern Parisian women, much in the way that YSL influenced the silhouettes and proportions in the seventies for women everywhere, it isn’t just clothing or fashion, it is a philosophy……and as the article shows, there is no flippancy in her approach, which shows in every piece……even in those crazy fur jackets!

British Vogue, January 2010

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