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Catherine Baba Fever!!!!

It seems that the world of Vogue is finally ready to give the beyond stylish, always original, worthy of her own Antonio portrait, stylist Catherine Baba, her moment…..In both April issues of French Vogue and Japan Vogue, and in the May issue of Australian Vogue….she was featured, fawned over and listen to…..after living in Paris for 15 years, this Australian native, no less, is a true original…..not since Loulou de la Falaise, has Paris fashion seen such a creature…..I first came across her in a Tsumori Chisato collection book, the first image below, had me spellbound! Who could this amazing woman be? At the time, there wasn’t much on her in the media….but I kept looking out for the girl with the mini YSL Opium perfume necklace…….reading about her great love of YSL, it makes sense that she keeps that bottle of perfume close….but it is her style that is intoxicating! What is must be, to live an Italian Vogue shoot on a daily basis, her style is pure seventies YSL, down to her mysterious accent, which I love…….when getting dressed this week,  if you have moment of doubt, think of what Catherine Baba might do…. put on those earrings and necklace and don’t look back………

Photos: Tsumori Chisato Autumn/Winter 2007/08, Australian Vogue May 2010, Vogue Nippon April 2010, Paris Vogue April 2010

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