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Amazing Style….in London…7 Days a Week…..

While reading Fudge magazine yesterday, as you do……filled to the brim with all the cool young dudes of Tokyo…it is possibly the only way to describe them! I came across this modern day Dandy in London, he reminded me of The Kinks song, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, in the sixties sense, most definitely not in today’s fashion times…..he is the epitome of sixties detached, disheveled chic….not being able to read Japanese, I couldn’t even tell you his name, but isn’t he amazing??? Now if one of my beloved friends in London see’s him out at the pub, be sure to tell him, he has a fan……what I love about his style, is that whilst I am sure it is carefully planned, he looks completely natural in his clothes……not many people since John Lennon could wear those high waisted white pants with such elan…..and what about that hat?? genius! The blue suit might as well have come from Mick Jagger’s wardrobe….what about those spats? The highlight has to be the lace socks….it is this detail that sets him apart from the great pretenders! Can’t wait to see him on the cover of Vogue……

Men’s Fudge Magazine, Issue 22, 2010

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