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Irina’s Tokyo Story…..complete…

Here is Gen Kay’s amazing editorial….. as it came out in re-quest/QJ magazine, yesterday…..looking at these photos, you are transported to that incredible Tokyo energy…..Irina looking great in her off beat glamour….who else could make you want to accessorize your next outfit with those gold bauble necklaces? The green striped knit with green skirt by Bluemarine from Italy is a great indicator of what is to come for next summer….my favorite is the black and white shot of her in pants and that beautiful necklace….but most of all I love eclectic spirit of these outfits, which is so true in Tokyo, almost anything goes, at any time of the day…as long as you are giving it your best outfit….

All Photos: Gen Kay

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  1. Fourth Daughter wrote:

    I can picture in my mind just about everywhere those shots were taken…makes me so homesick for Tokyo and those Ginza line subway trains that actually run on time….

    Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

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