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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Vintage discoveries online……Shag has arrived to you….

Last Tuesday night, I popped by the Shag store in Windsor, to have a look at a 1950′s cashmere cardigan that sounded too good to miss…..and lucky me, I not only found an amazing little cardigan, I found my dear friends there too, Grant, Jeremy and Jeremy Jnr….and with the wave of a magic wand [...]

The Magical Charlotte Gainsbourg…….

“Heaven can wait and hell’s too far to go/ Somewhere between what you need and what you know…..” Heaven Can Wait, IRM The term ethereal gets thrown around quite a bit….so does the word iconic, but they are rarely used within a mile of anything actually ethereal or iconic….it pains me every time I read [...]

World of Interiors…..MJ & Milo style….

Let’s visit the wonderful home of two dear friends Matty-Jim and Milo…..they made the move to their new apartment late last year, and although they have gone from a house to an apartment, it has retained the whimsy and magic of their last place… walking inside a piece of Kartel furniture, the seventies modernist sensibilities [...]